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Why are we still faxing in 2018?
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secure High Volume Fax Delivery

IsoFax offers a centralized network fax solution for Linux and Windows. Robust fax servers combine with GUI clients, web clients, routing options, email-to-fax, and APIs to provide a complete faxing solution. IsoFax is currently used by more companies on Wall Street than any other fax solution. 

The fax server monitors the queue of faxes submitted by clients, the pool of modems, and logs all fax activity. For sending faxes to large distribution lists, IsoFax offers server-side coversheets to assure uniform compliance to company standards. 

Faxes may be submitted to the server by standard Windows and Unix GUI fax clients or through scripts via the IsoFax toolkit/API. Faxes may also be submitted by SMTP email, and MIME attachments can be easily processed into faxes. 

Specialized features include least-cost-routing for geographically distributed fax servers, intelligent retries for resending only failed pages in a transmission, and no retries on calls determined to be non-fax calls.

Supported platforms:

Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX

Modems per server:

128 digital fax modems or standard analog fax modems


Client or server generated coversheets
Automatic modem rotation
Automatic retries with selectable intervals
2-D MR and MMR fax encoding
Multiple queues with selectable priorities
Logging of all fax activity
Pricing based on number of fax lines




Flawless VT220-VT320-VT340 Emulation

For those applications originally developed for Digital Equipment VT terminals, IsoTerm is the modern network solution. 

Unlike many other emulators, Bristol has implemented the ENTIRE VT-340 command set. Whether your application contains difficult graphics or makes use of complicated scrolling regions, IsoTerm will always work. Bristol offers free 30-day evaluations to qualified organizations, and installation is not difficult. 

IsoTerm is a software bridge, enabling legacy DEC applications to be run on Linux PCs, plus Sun, Hewlett Packard, and IBM Unix desktops. By emulating the VT340 stream protocol, IsoTerm gives users the familiar interface of VT terminals. 

IsoTerm supports the complete set of DEC VT340 color graphics features, insuring accurate support for all DEC applications.

Emulation of the complete VT family

Support for ReGIS, ANSI, Tek, and Sixel graphic protocols

VT 340 keyboard emulation and keyboard mapping

Concurrent licensing

DEC multinational, special graphics, and user defined character sets

ANSI color extensions

Support for DEC LA50 and LA75 printers

Advanced character attributes including blinking, bold, underline and reverse video

80 and 132 character modes

PostScript printer and file outputs





Santander               MS Smith Barney              Morgan Stanley
Bank of America         HSBC                         Wells Fargo
ABN AMRO Bank N.V.      Caribbean Development Bank   Citibank
Putnam Investments      J P Morgan Chase             Montreal Exchange
BMO Financial Group     Pimco                        Commerzbank
Franklin Templeton      BlackRock                    Credit Suisse
Global Asset Mgmt.      Lehman Brothers Holdings     FINRA
Bank of the West        TD Bank Financial Group      Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sachs           CapGemini Ernst & Young      Nomura Securities
Royal Bank of Canada    Charles Schwab               Dun & Bradstreet
Royal Bank of Scotland  Merrill Lynch                NYSE Euronext
Fidessa Group           TRW                          Fidelity Investments
Barclays                UBS                          PNC Bank
RBS Securites           Citadel Investment Group     Tullett Prebon


Adventure Tours USA     US Airways                   Thomas Cook Group
United Airlines         British Airways              Celebrity Cruises
PGA of America          DallasFort Worth Int’l       Hong Kong Air Cargo
Air Canada              Sun International            Walt Disney World
Daily Racing Form       Cathay Pacific Airways       National Basketball Assoc.
Southwest Airlines      Exploratorium


Alcatel-Lucent          BT                           Nortel
PCCW-HKT (Honk Kong)    Manitoba Telecom Servs.      Dow Corning
Qualcomm                Verizon Wireless             Sprint
Hughes Network Systems  Marconi Corp.                Cypress Semiconductor
Siemens                 Cisco Systems                Sony Ericsson
AT&T                    Verizon                      CenturyLink
Level 3 Communications  Time Warner Telecom          Fujitsu Telecom


Blue Cross/Blue Shield  Quest Diagnostics            Dow Chemical Co.
F. Hoffman-La Roche     Kaiser Permanente            Scott & White Mem. Hos.
North York General Hos. Centre Spatial Guyanais      Max Planck Institute
Bristol-Myers Squibb    Quintiles Transnat.          McKesson
Fred Hutchinson         Lawrence Livermore Labs      Eli Lilly & Company
PfizerCiba              Specialty Chemicals          Scripps Res. Inst.
Cancer Research Center  Sandia Nat. Labs             Merck
Cell Therapeutics Inc.  Los Alamos Nat'l Lab


Booz Allen Hamilton     Price Waterhouse Coopers
Electronic Data Systems Deloitte Touche              TohmatsuCapgemini


Allstate                Great West Life              Nationwide Insurance
New Mexico Mut. Cas.    Foremost Insurance           State Comp. Fund

Manufacturing, Aerospace

AGFA                    Airbus                       Clorox
Ford Motor Company      Halliburton                  3M
Lockheed Martin         Rockwell Automation          John Deere
Barrick Gold            Campbell’s Soup              Coca-Cola
Eastman Kodak           Hitachi High Tech. 
Nike                    Shell Chemicals America      Daimler
The Boeing Company      Cargill                      Kraft Foods
Georgia Pacific         Sikorsky                     Dupont
Pratt & Whitney         Honda Motor Co. Ltd.


Advanced Micro Devices  National Semiconductor       Hewlett Packard
Broadcom                Network Solutions            Phillips Semicondr.
Seagate Technology      Fujitsu                      Xerox
Analog Devices          Novell                       IBM
Apple                   Tektronix                    Raytheon
Motorola                Exar                         Xilinx
SGI                     Oracle                       ABB
Dell                    Texas Instruments


AMTRAK Express Parcels  DHL                     Australian National Rail
Fedex                   GE SeaCo            BNSF

Universities / Research

American Chemical Soc.  Hong Kong Polytechnic        Johns Hopkins Univ.
Purdue University       University of Arkansas       Michigan State
Fermilab                IEEE                         New Mexico State
Soc. of Auto. Engineers Univ. of California          Duke University
Univ. of Florida        Brown University             Univ. of Arkansas
Univ. of Notre Dame     Univ. of Miami               Univ. of Toledo
Univ. of Alabama        Univ. of Colorado            Stanford University


British Airports Auth.  State of Minnesota  
Dept.of Vets. Affairs   City of Seattle              Emergency Mgmt
Cal. State Fund Comp.   Ins.State of New York        US Dept. of Defense
City of Calgary         Hong Kong TDC.               Metro Toronto
US Dept. of Agriculture City of Toronto              US Dept.of Education
City of Long Beach      State of Washington          Metro Transit Auth/NY
Federal Farm Credit     Cmnwlth. of Pennsylvania     Government of Singapore
Banks Funding Corp      Maryland Judiciary           Maricopa Country Sheriff


Carmax                  RiteAid Corporation          Office Depot
Macys                   McDonald’s                   Target
Pep Boys                Sears                        Kmart
Cost-U-Less             Eddie Bauer                  J C Whitney
Adesa                   Taco Bell                    Walmart
Maples Stores/UK        Avnet                        Kraft Foods
Pizza Hut               Genco Supply Chain Solutions


Am. Electric Power     PG&E                          Nat.Coal Authority (UK)
British Energy         Commonwealth Edison           So. California Edison
Florida Power & Light  Hydro Quebec                  Ontario Hydro


BBC                    Houghton Mifflin              Reuters
Time Warner            Yahoo!                        Canadian Broadcasting
Houston Chronicle      British Sky Broadcasting


Contact Technical Support

+1 415-256-2525 press 2

Recommended modems for new or replacement applications

External USB - Linux and Windows .

  • Multi-tech MT5634ZBA-USB - These have been discontinued by the manufacturer, but are still available from us.  Please call or email for price, delivery, and warranty.

  • Multi-tech MT9234ZBA-USB-CDC (note: CDC is important!) Due to driver issues, these modems are not recommended for Linux installations.
  • Also, you can use supported external RS232 modems with a Digi Edgeport USB adapter

 External RS232, all platforms

  • Multi-tech MT5634ZBA


  • Dialogic Diva, all models - Linux only
  • Multi-tech ISI, all models - Linux only

Rehosting (moving) your IsoFax server

For customers under Maintenance, there is no charge to re-host. Please email your current bristol_licenses file to help us identify your installation, plus the output from getbristolid run on the new host to You will receive a new license file promptly  

If you are out of contract please contact Support at

Standby Server Licenses

IsoFax customers in the USA with Maintenance contracts are entitled to a backup license set. If your license is about to expire,  and you have not received a new license file, please email us at  Kindly include your bristol_licenses file, which includes the expiration date and installation number, so we can identify your installation.  


Please contact tech support for the password to the Bristol Group Downloads page.



The Bristol Group creates software-driven IP solutions for voice, fax, and messaging. Our products are always based on open architectures and standards to best deliver manageable, scalable functionality from desktop to back office to remote office. Bristol's mission is to provide you with elegant, straightforward solutions which are inherently easy to install, administer, and expand. We believe that investing extraordinary effort into efficient designs rewards all parties in subtle as well as obvious ways.



Calling us is not the typical exercise in frustration. You will almost always reach a person, and that person will be able to understand what you are looking for and help you find it-whether it's a price, a technical answer, or the status of your order.



Founded in 1987, the Bristol Group still supports every product we've ever shipped. We appreciate the importance of backward compatibility as well as the expense of installing patches and upgrades.


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